Breastfeeding vs Formula Feeding

This is important to know the race of the nutrition value of breastfeeding vs formula feeding before finally taking any side for babies. Because some Moms take a hasty move to formula feeding. But do they know about which is much needed for their tender babies? Do they know about the ability to digest feeds into the little tummies?

But one thing is clear that, for sometimes, necessity knows no laws. I mean you must adapt to one of either way. Before that, in a reply to the emerging situation, every Mom needs to look into the contents of the feeding that she is going to feed her babies. So, in favor of my readers, I’m showing a comparison that will hint you about the contents of both baby feedings.

The Natural Compositions of Breast Milk

The supplements of breast milk have a lot of enhanced roles that help grow babies physically and mentally. Medical science has provided evidence that the compositions of mother’s milk have a significant impact on the babies’ health.

The babies who do not let feed mother’s milk, suffer an acute shortage of nutrition. They naturally are weaker than those of breastfed babies. So, we all should know the life-saving food values of breast milk and make sure we are trying it from birth time for our babies. The following details will represent breast milk supplements.


Vitamins, it assumes a very well known word to us. Exactly, you are right. But do you know what game vitamins play in our immune system? Our bones, eyes, skin, hair, brain and many other organs get their right track to lead us a healthy life.

Vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, and K) unitedly save us from diseases like rickets, scurvy, and more. So, you can never be worried if you seriously pull your baby on breastfeeding from the very early time of her or his birth. Because breastmilk is a king of all kinds of nutrition served by nature for babies only.


My shortlisted human milk nutrition ends in minerals. A postpartum mother turns into a mine of minerals for her baby. The supplements are in the mother’s breast. The nature-gifted minerals are calcium, iron, zinc, sodium, chloride, selenium, and magnesium.

The minerals like vitamins provide babies extra energy. A baby’s growth and development a far moon to reach without those minerals that are only present in mother’s milk and are natural. Making strong the bones, getting blood cells red and transporting oxygen through the baby’s body are main the jobs done by the mother’s minerals that a baby gets from breastfeeding.

Otherwise, minerals also see the development of the baby’s muscle-building structure. Minerals in Mom’s milk also maintain the nerves functioning to get baby healthy, protecting from sudden threats of natural and unnatural calamities.           


Breast milk contains 90% of water. And, the rest of the contents can also be found in that water. Without water, the human body is dysfunctional and we will not survive for seconds. So the water in the breast milk keeps baby hydrated. As a result, the baby gets its body temperature well regulated. All the joint points become lubricated. And, finally, the immune system remains able to protect the organs from dangers.


Carbohydrates are the most powerful energy source of the human body. Lactose or sugar is the staple carbohydrate in mother milk. The medical science says, compared to cow’s milk or goat’s milk, mother milk is far richer in carbohydrates. However, lactose performs a very significant role in the baby’s growth and development. Otherwise, lactose has strong assistance to form bay’s brain structure in line.

Moreover, some other carbohydrates are found in breast milk. They are oligosaccharides. Oligosaccharides remain awakened to promote healthy bacteria in the human intestines. For babies, the bacteria produced by oligosaccharides protect the baby’s gut. Hence, the baby can fight against fatalities like diarrhea.


Mother milk keeps only 4% of lipids. But the little amount of the lipids produce a handsome 50% calories from breast milk. Energy, cholesterol, and DHA fatty acid are the result of lipids. Because lipids are the main sources of those supplements of breast milk. The supplements that come from the lipids are naturally responsible to form the brain structure, eye vision, and nervous system.

There are countless points of how necessity breast milk for babies. Until now, only the lipids are circulating almost the whole areas of our body system. Also, the lipids are keeping forces to gain the baby’s weight as the baby is growing up. However, to keep the human milk supplements as to the requirement of the baby, mothers should be careful about having their diet accordingly. 


Protein, the well-known food supplement we take for a better life. The proteins can magically make turn the strength, organ repairing, format for our body. We must remember to protein when we lack hormones, antibodies, and enzymes to our body. There nothing happens otherwise for babies. Proteins in breast milk embolden the power of the digestion process. So noways left, you must include proteins in baby’s feeds to help grow and develop in the race of time.

Lactoferrin, a super protein to our health system is present in human milk. The Lactoferrin helps moving iron through the baby’s interior organism systems. When the whole body system comes in contact with iron, the newborn’s immune system gets juvenile strength to save intestines and protect infections.


We know nature accompanies the number of species since it was born. So our environment is surrounded by a lot of known and unknown good and bad things. Germs are some natural creatures of those bad things. This is why; in terms of the weather’s reverse variation we feel sick and unhappy.

But things spin extremely and critically for babies when they can not mention their problems. So they become victims of unknown diseases. But nature puts beefed up security to save babies from those lethal diseases. Immunoglobulins or antibodies are safeguards fight against deadly diseases and illnesses.

And, in part of safeguarding babies, breast milk’s stunning favor plays wonderful roles, keeps babies safe from unexpected dangers like viruses, bacteria, fungus, and parasites. Breast milk contains antibodies and deploys them to fight off the enemy targets.

Cold is a common disease seen in our daily life. However, babies are most prone to fall in. However, breast milk’s immune properties protect babies from cold, vomiting, diarrhea, ear infections and other dangerous and poisonous issues.

Therefore, we can go a bit further about the poses of the antibody in mother milk. In the natural line up, the antibody in breast milk is called Secretory Immunoglobulin A or Ig-A.

Immunoglobulin-A or Ig-A very securely coats the baby’s lungs and intestines. In a view to making ultra protection, the Ig-A seals lungs and intestines so securely that no germs can attract the baby’s internal body system or blood traction. Besides, the antibodies save premature babies who come on earth untime.


Hormones are also the best players in the human immune system. Like others, hormones are specified to the job to be done is to control and balance the metabolism, pain, stress, baby’s growth, development, and blood pressure.  

There is a lot of several types of hormones in breast milk. They are- thyroid hormones, prolactin, relaxin, endorphins, growth factors, erythropoietin, cortisol, leptin, progesterone, estrogen and many more. The scientists are yet not exhausted and ended up here. They are still looking for more in breast milk and the roles they perform in the human body.


Breast milk is a power source of life-saving energy. Enzymes are also the ingredients of breast milk. Over 40 different enzymes that protect the human body from different types of dangers.

Some enzymes very curiously break down the fats and protein and help babies digest hard feeds they intake. Solid foods are naturally difficult to digest for babies. But the enzymes in mother’s milk do not keep solid, create sufficient heat- energy to dilute in instant process. And, some of the enzymes are keen to stable baby’s health, protecting it from other germs and illnesses.

The research says, there are many many enzymes in the human milk deployed in the different functions in the human body system. But this is sure, that they all are left in significant ways to protect the child.

How Breastfeeding Or Formula Feeding Does For Baby’s Health

My above discussion was introducing to the nutrition a mother contains in her breast milk. As a matter of watching the game of breastfeeding vs. formula feeding, I will extend some information to let you know a real champion. I will discuss the variation of the two. Because the parents need to know a fair judgment that will help them to decide how they will be letting their babies stand out. See the race of breastfeeding vs formula feeding below.

The value of Naturalism

  • Breastfeeding: Balanced nutrition is available in breastfeeding and overall God gifted. Naturally produced milk is only for babies that contain no germs. A heavenly formulated feed that does not need to compare it putting beside other ones. All the nutrition represents well-being for our babies on earth.
  • Formula Feeding: On the other hand, the formula feeding is not like breastfeed as it is man-processed and takes long processing to finally be packed up. When it reaches end-users, it loses its some nutrition due to preparing errors. Otherwise, the fatality is heavy. Sometimes, the baby does not absorb or tolerate it easily.

Digestion factor

  • Breastfeeding: Breast milk is not public milk that happens with a variety of tastes. It’s naturally for babies and hence the contents it contains are easily digestible for babies. So, no disturbance is, and very tender like to be digested by the baby heat.
  • Formula Feeding: And, for the ‘formula’ case study, it happens otherwise for babies who are comparatively weak and is unable to suck bottle nipple. Mother’s failed efforts may promote the baby to be sick or beyond more. Breastfeed is a winner to the above-mentioned issues here.

Nutrition diversity

  • Breastfeeding: After birth, a mother typically becomes weak and it needs verities of foods for vitamins and calories. So, it tries every day to recover them at any cost to be healthy again. It needs at least 300 to 500 extra calories. Under the natural cycle, a mother has all the intakes and digests well. Interestingly, the baby shares food values when it takes breastfeed of mother. As a result, the baby takes the different taste of milk of its mother’s breast.
  • Formula Feeding: Unluckily, formula-fed babies are devoid of availing the super benefits and go a step behind the breastfed babies. At best they have the opportunities to change the formula after a certain period of ceiling time. This is not natural but is bound to follow their parents.

Antibodies to protect illness:

  • Breastfeeding: The presence of antibodies in the mother’s milk is a shield that the baby is protected from the illness. The antibodies fight against germs and bacteria keeping babies fully safe.
  • Formula Feeding: Now the view for formula feed. Formula feed almost runs back-to-back breastfeed. Here, formula feed does not have the natural antibodies as the way a mother can produce. Though the alternative substance is in it, it not is fully satisfactory and guaranteed. But mother’s milk covers all around as to the baby’s protection from the bunch of illnesses.

Hormonal issues

  • Breastfeeding: A mother is a bonding certificate to her baby when the merciful mother goes at large with total security for her baby. Hormone-rich breast milk is one of these issues. The pure hormone, the assistance of the baby’s growth is in breast milk. So, it creates a necessary appetite to baby and hence, it cries for food. Mother can understand her baby is hungry now.
  • Formula feeding: Whereas, the formula feed is a bit difficult for the baby’s tummy to digest. Formula feeding, the alternative baby feeding system is the second way that parents take in some cases. Because those babies are reluctant to suck breast milk, formula feed is the only way to cover nutrition because of their health fitness. Anyway, it goes behind just mother’s milk.

Stability in Milk Flow

  • Breastfeeding: The breast of the mother produces a steady flow of milk when the baby starts suckling from the breast. The milk flow is natural if the mother is good in health. The production of milk follows the intake of the baby. When the baby becomes exhausted, it means the full of its little tummy. So then she or he leaves the breast nipple. This is always natural. It never happens over-consumption. However, we know, when a baby gets a growth spurt, then the bay has a tendency to drink more milk or liquid feeds. In this perspective, a natural flow of breast milk is maintained by supply as per the baby’s requirement. One thing is mentionable that, if a baby is habituated to the solid foods, it automatically decreases his or her appetite for breast milk. So it maintains the control of the breast milk flow automatically.
  • Formula Feeding: For the formula feeding, things go otherwise. The measurement of the powder or liquid is a must. You also have to assume the hunger scale of the baby. Once you have made the milk, it may not be as exactly as your baby needs. Moreover, the milk flowing is not controllable. A little suction of the baby, the bottle nipple will deliver the same flow as usual. This is quite unnatural.   

Immune system factors

  • Breastfeeding: A breastfeeding baby depends on the nutrition the mother supplies through her milk. So a mother can understand how carefulness it needs to keep her baby’s health stable. However, then the mother has the healthful intakes so that it can travel through her baby’s. As a result, the nutrition feed from the mother’s milk works well and keeps the baby’s immune system functional. Even, if the mother is sick physically, the antibodies of the mother spread through the child and protect the baby from fatal infections.
  • Formula Feeding: On the contrary, formula feeding has no mother and there is no special protection from the outer world of infections.

Physiological health

  • Breastfeeding: There is a lot of studies, researches centering the mother’s milk. Still, medical science around the world digging out more and more. They found the DHA and omega-3 fatty acids in Mom’s milk. The two nutrients have a good impact on making the baby’s neuronal growth, myelination, and repair. They also found a huge number of benefits of breast milk such as building teeth and jaw, forming the intelligence level, and improving the eyesight.  
  • Formula Feeding: In the same discussion of formula feeding, there is no clear evidence whether it works like mother milk though the same nutrients are available in it.          

The Excerpts

There are many uncountable norms to discuss where breastfeeding gets priority from prominent pediatricians to a street hag. So, at the bottom line, the verdict will not be something difficult to declare the winner. It’s a discussion session between breastfeeding and formula feeding. Breast milk is natural. So, it’s entitled to be damn pure leaving all the doubts away. But for the formula feed, a machine-processing formula for babies stands only the way for the babies who are reluctant to mother’s milk.

However, breast milk is significantly incomparable to any other baby feeds. Because natural food values are present in breastfeeding. And, this is only a reason that the baby’s health can fight against any disease. Otherwise, the minor health issues are very simple to the babies who are accustomed to taking mother milk. But for formula-fed babies, it seems a big issue to tolerate and recover soon.

Anyway, letting your baby practice breastfeeding is wise. If your baby may not like it all the moments you try, just take time until its extreme appetite. And give a try again and again. It may give good results all on a sudden. As a result, you are luckily having your baby with nature and well protected from all the calamities unwanted to the parents. However, you can easily assume the first runner in the race of the breastfeeding vs formula feeding.  

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