Best Sippy Cup for Teeth: A Transition Trainer From Bottle To Cup

Hard things to bite help babies pollinate teeth sooner than nothing. Naturally, the babies tend to sign of teething from 4 months to 6+ of age. In this period they try to grab things whatever they get in their reach. And, the conscious parents can understand the situation and manage things in their way is the best. In a good sense, it can be wise a best Sippy cup for teeth. This means you allow your baby to transit from breast or bottle to drink from a cup independently.

What is the right time for a baby using a Sippy cup?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (APP) recommends switching a toddler from bottle to drinking cup in between 12 and 24 months of age. Between the time ranges, a baby is generally prone to solid foods and it needs a sufficient amount of liquids to drink paralleling the solid foods. So the institution of baby wellbeing encourages moms to handle sippy cups. It also emphasizes serving babies water in a cup.

A sippy cup can be a right choice as a transition between a bottle and an open cup for a baby. During the transition session, it is noticed that the babies spill less liquids than that their early ages below 6 or 4 months of age.

The AAP also generously suggests you serve babies all kinds of liquid such as milk using a Sippy cup and then to an open cup. It is better usually before 2-year of age of the baby.

However, the parents should be careful of serving water or any liquids at their thirsty and during meal time. If you always leave your baby with a cupful of water, it will continue drinking it unless your deterrence. As a result diaper changing will be your master jobs of the day.

One important thing is, do not let your baby drink milk, juice, sodas or things like that frequently. It may lead to tooth decay. If a baby continuously drinks such type of sugary drinks, the harmful bacteria may attack to the tender tooth, the natural wealth for the babies. Otherwise, you must prevent the practices of the baby from taking bottle or Sippy cup to the bed.

What types of Sippy cup we moms can use for our babies?

There are a lot of them. But the authentic reviews of the best brands may you halt for a moment to check them in. We have researched many brands and their features suitable and healthful for babies. Just the glance-preview will help you to pick it up. The practical experience of moms of using the sippy cup is also shared when we write the reviews for the best Sippy cup for teeth in this article. Read down to know more.

1. Nuby 2-Pack Two-Handle No Spill Super Spout Grip Sippy Cup  

The Nuby Sippy cup is BPA-free. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a study shows that BPA or Bisphenol-A causes a health hazard. Though many companies around the world use it for food and beverage packaging since the 1960s.

Nuby2 pack two handle sippy cup

However, the special use of the chemical is to make the plastic hard and transparent which is called polycarbonate. The presence of polycarbonate is generally seen in the protective lining on the metal drink or food cans. So the material of the cup signs no health hazard to the babies.  

If your baby is old enough to throw away the bottle feeding, the Sippy cup is the right choice at her age range. This will help your baby to drink easily and independently. The spill of liquids during sipping is impossible while the little angel will be able to hold the Super spout as her own. The grip feels soft and flexible. The silicon spout will also promote the drinker a natural drinking action.    

The design of the sippy cup is special and only for babies who love a transition from bottle to sippy cup. It will make no spills and prevents drips when your sweetheart drinks in love. The spout does not allow water or liquids to pass automatically at the effort to drink. However, during drinking, a one-piece Touch-Flow-Valve opens and allows liquids to pass through the cup spout. It happens just for the moment when your baby sips in.  

The sip cup holds a standard amount of liquids of 8 oz or 240 ml. this is clear that if you are not concerned or away from your baby, it will not cause any problem of the frequent drinking by your little master.

You will understand the time easily when it needs to clean. The Ultra-hygienic soft spout is easy to check whether it needs to be clean or not. So no worries for you to think about the health of a baby in the cleaning issue.

2. Munchkin Latch Transition Sippy Cup

Munchkin Latch transition sippy cup is the dream way of moms that features an anti-colic valve. When parents keep traveling, jerking makes air bubbles in the bottleful liquids. And, we know the air-bubbles cause colic problem to the baby’s tender tummy.

Munchkin transition trainer from bottle to cup

Otherwise, sometimes, a baby may be playful with the liquid-fuel sippy cup. And in breaks, the baby will take drinks at her own convenience. In this perspective, the anti-colic valve of the sippy cup will not allow air to get in the baby’s tummy. So the cup is at reducing gas and fussiness.

The nipple of the Munchkin Latch has taken much effort in its design when it is for babies. So the nipple is flexible in a view to moving it with the baby’s mouth and maintaining proper latch while feeding. It also decreases the ingestion of air and gives the baby a fully thirsty drink without any frustration in the way.

There is a nipple cap with the Munchkin Latch. This is hygienic for traveling. If you make you make your way out with the baby, you will be able to cap the nipple so easily. And, you must do it when you want to prevent the cup from catching dust out. This is why; the transition cup is popular in the market.

The two-arm handle with a single round base is removable. If a baby does much with it, the grip handles snap easily. So the hard parts of the cup do not cause any injuries to the happy baby. It leaves the baby just playful.        

No Bisphenol-A chemical is used to make the spout hard. Generally, the baby product makers do not use BPA. So this is clear evidence that no harm for the baby in using the best sippy cup for teeth.

3. NUK Learner Sippy Cup

The time is up. Your baby can no longer tolerate breastfeeding or bottle feeding. It’s just crawling to the open cup. It’s a natural sign that he or she needs to drink a bit. However, the NUK learner sippy cup is a transition trainer you can choose for your little angel.

The NUK learner cup features a soft and gentle spout. This also feels smooth on teeth and gums. The cup is very compatible with the handle grip. It’s easy to hold and the growing babies love it.

It also grows with your child. So this is very cost-effective and you do not need to buy another one soon. As the cup is spill-proof, moms love it and advance to get one for their babies at the transition from bottle to cup.   

Nuk learner water bottle for teeth

There are many things to look into when designing a baby cup. One of the issues is the spout of the cup. So the silicon-made spout is hygienic for babies. Therefore, the NUK learner Cup is made of 100% silicon spout.

The shape of the spout mimics a bottle shape. So the baby seems it is familiar to them as they are well-known to bottle. There another point that is mentionable is its softness. The spout feels soft and gentle to the baby’s teeth, gums and palate.

The spout has a built-in air vent. The air vent protects air from getting in when drinking any liquids through the NUK cup. It only passes the oxygen and fresh liquids through the spout. Still, this is in my favorite list of both Moms and babies.  

If the cup does not come in the easy hold, it will be difficult for a little child to drink itself. Hence, the cup is designed with an easy grip advantage. So the NUK learner is convenient to hold easily. On the other hand, the handles are anti-slip. The soaked spout ensures it will not slip down from the little hands. The handles are removable. So it grows with your child.

The 5 oz cup does not host many things to clean it. This is dishwasher-safe means any kind of standard bottle brush you can use to clean it. The wide cup and the spout are easy to clean all the way whenever you need it to. So this is a beautiful match for both Moms and babies while also the best sippy cup for teeth.

4. Thermos Foogo Vacuum Soft Spout Sippy Cup

This is truly matters when you are going to select a children’s product. Sometimes, this is confusing as to what thing is the best for your loved ones. But in choosing a sippy cup for your baby, you may not be confusing when you are very nearer to the Thermos Vacuum Soft Spout Sippy cup.

Thermos Foogo sippy cup

The leading manufacturer has become a pioneer in providing insulated children’s products for over 110 years. The faithfulness garnered by serving the quality and convenient beverage bottles and containers around the world. So it promotes a safe and healthy lifestyle for children.

Thermos Vacuum insulation technology is unique in the children’s product. The Sippy technology keeps cold things cold for six hours. Heat retention technology do the same keeping it hot for the same time.

It creates an airless space between the interior and exterior parts of the spout. As a result, it can easily maintain minimizing temperature change within the hollow space of the cup’s spout. This is the reason the result comes exactly in no breaks.

When a baby product matters health issue, Thermos is very much concerned to think over it. It goes to make it with stainless steel. The reason shows the steel body uses the technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria inside the Thermos Foogo vacuum insulation Sippy cup. However, it makes sense that the competitor’s products bow to Thermo’s.

To ensure maximum performance and dependability, Thermos uses premium materials for this sippy cup for children. It’s durable and health-friendly. The quality standard it puts on with the fame is really praiseworthy. So love Thermos as you do for your sweet angels by heart.

More reasons are left that go to the Thermos’ fame in the world market. The products for children are BPA-free. Bisphenol-A chemical is not used while the products are for children use. This is a kind of chemical that makes materials hard. In one word, it’s healthful for babies around the world and the best sippy cup for teeth.


5. ZOLI INC Straw Sippy Cup

Drinking the last drops of liquids means the cup is very convenient and super fit for babies. The Zolin has weighted straw in the spout. It is SiliFlex and moves all directions around the spout mouth. In any way, you can flip or tip the cup, but your little master will be able to hold and drink liquids as its way. He or she will be able to suck the last drops of the drink.

Zoli Inc Straw Sippy cup for baby

The design of the straw is a bit special for the children. This is cross-cup tip straw. The convenience is that the toddlers can regulate the flow of liquid by themselves. There is also a suction to drink. It mimics breastfeeding or bottle feeding. So this is a transparent truth that a baby can easily transit from bottle to Zoli Inc Straw Sippy cup. However, this is the best and super sippy cup in the market.

There are several parts of the sippy cup. You can easily take apart each part. You can separate Cup, straw, and lid to clean them. So there is no hassle to clean it. Rather you will be taking leverage that the bacteria will not grow inside the cup. This is healthful for your babies. 

If you want a Zolin Inc sippy cup, you will have options of choosing the size. It comes in two sizes according to the liquid holding capacity. One is 6 oz and the other is 9 oz. So your demand is for what size that comes from the age of your child on your way.

The cup is also PVC, Lead, Phthalate, and BPA-free. Those chemicals are used to the making materials for the products. But this is quite prohibited to use that of the baby’s. The last line saying, this will not be harmful to the children’s health. This is in our research sense, the best Sippy cup for teeth.

 The Bottom Line

The reviewed cups are the best sippy cup for teeth. When you make sure that you are going to transit your sweetheart from bottle to sippy cup, things do not go well without knowing a bit about the issue.

However, there is a clear reference allowed in this article to move through—that includes some baby-friendly sippy cups in the discussion. We have taken much time and researched a lot of cups that fit well. In the end, for our tender babies, the top-notch bottles we selected that babies can latch well.

The reviews, also the notes for mothers, keep the root information. Every feature details guidelines of using the sippy cups. If you want it finally for your babies, just keep a glance view to straight track for the future nation living in your soft laps.

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